Featured Artist: John Willis

John Willis is a documentary photographer based out of Vermont. Today we are sharing a small selection of his compelling black and white photographs. Visit his website, jwillis.net, to view additional portfolios and for information on his publications. Willis is this year’s honored educator for the Northeast Regional Chapter of the Society for Photographic Education (SPE). This comes as no surprise given that besides his tenure at Marlboro College and work on and in many publications, Willis has co-founded multiple projects brining photographic education and cultural exposure to youth.

Photography provides me with a visual tool for exploration and communication. The ways we communicate with each other and the world around us have always been major points of interest and contention throughout my life (in addition to photography I have studied psychology and education). Because I choose to represent my observations about the world in images rather than in written essays, I have used photography in a variety of ways. Not only do I make my own images, but I help others make their own as well. I have spent much of my life teaching photography in diverse settings. I have taught all age groups, from first-graders to nursing-home residents. I am currently the full-time photography professor at Marlboro College, and I am the co-founder of The In-Sight Photography Project, and its Exposures Cross Cultural Youth Program, a non-profit program that teaches photography to adolescents regardless of their ability to pay.
-John Willis

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