How do I need to store my chemicals?

How do I need to store my chemicals?


Chemical storage is important because you always want to protect your chemical investment. It is best to store your chemicals in a controlled environment, such as room temperature or cooler. If the room temperature fluctuates consistently you will run the risk of prematurely exhausting your chemicals; this is especially true for opened containers. It is also recommended to store your “working-solution” chemistry in airtight containers, like accordion bottles, to prevent early exhaustion.


For safety reasons it is NOT recommended to store all of your chemicals is non-household or recycled containers like old milk or water jugs. We recommend you purchase brown chemical storage containers that you can label appropriately. The reason we recommend these bottles is that these bottles lack transparency, prevents light from heating or exhausting your chemical, they are specifically intended for chemical storage, and there less of a chance of an individual mistaking the photo chemistry for something like lemonade or juice. Please take every precaution to protect yourself and others.


It is recommended that you store your chemicals below waist level to prevent spills or splashing of chemicals in the eye.


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