MassArt Saturday Studios Photography Program

Saturday Studios at MassArt, Boston, offers a whole array of classes, such as Comic Book Art, Animation, and Photography for grades K-12. During the Fall Saturday Studios taught at MassArt, I took the Photography class, where during the class students have access to the MassArt Darkroom which holds 18 Omega Enlargers, two sinks, and even specific drains for used Fixer. In the Photography class, taught by Laura Penney the students were instructed on how to: use Enlargers, print and develop photo paper, develop film, print Digital Negatives, and use Liquid Light, a form of photo emulsion.

Overall the class was very instructive, was useful for learning how to use the Darkroom, practicing both digital and film photography, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is within the age group for taking these courses.

(Photos from: MassArt Saturday Studios Photography Program)

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