Nooks, Crannies, and Krevises

Like an English Muffin, the world is full of neat nooks and crannies that are rich with buttery detail. These types of places are some of my favorite locations to photograph, because even though there may not be much to look it, it is amazing how many photo opportunities there are, and how many unique photos there are to take. Seeing how most of these places are out of the way, and not where many people would look, be it down an alleyway, or over a five foot ledge, not many things change throughout the seasons, and it makes them a good place to practice photography and not be bothered.


A Cranny in Krevis

The nook that I ventured to recently, dubbed “Krevis” by the public, apparent to pieces of tape covering some chalk that scrawled “The Krevis is here.” and “The Krevis” is a little alley not more than six feet wide behind an old factory refurbished for office buildings. Nothing more than a few boarded up windows and some central air cooling systems, it was a nice place to relax and photograph the little things that made up this “Krevis”

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