Q: Can I “push process” my film with Sprint™ STANDARD Film Developer?

Yes, underexposed  film can be “push processed” with STANDARD. Our recommendation is to add two chart letters for one stop of underexposure, and four chart letters for two stops. For example, Ilford HP5+, whose normal chart letter is “O” (10 minutes at 20° C or 68° F), would be moved up by at least two chart letters, to “Q” (13 minutes at 20° C or 68° F), if it were underexposed by 1 stop.

Please note that Sprint™ STANDARD B & W Film Developer is designed for optimum quality at a film’s normal exposure recommendation. While underexposed film may be developed in STANDARD, the film’s contrast will increase and its tonal range will be restricted. Developing film underexposed by more than two stops with STANDARD is unrealistic and not recommended. With experience, you are likely to find that underexposure and push processing are best avoided…

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