Q: I have been told your Speed Fixer is non-hazardous and safe for disposal in my septic system. Is it safe to dump your fixer without using hazardous waste removal?

No. Like all other fixers, once used, RECORD Speed Fixer will contain the silver that has been removed from the film or paper that was processed. Residual silver is considered hazardous, and should not be allowed to enter waste treatment systems or ground water. You should check with the appropriate authority in your state to see what the exact requirements are.

There are a number of methods that can be employed to keep the silver out of the waste stream. Generally it’s as simple as collecting the spent fixer in a container and having that hauled off for treatment. The cost will vary depending on the volume. We suggest checking with your state Department of Environmental Management to see what the regulations are in your area, they may be able to recommend specific options for disposal in your area.

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