Founded in 1973, Sprint® Systems of Photography is a small, personable company producing the best black and white liquid chemistry in the world.

Our system is designed with the photographer in mind and combines speed with economy and enhanced creative control. With high capacity and consistency from the first print to the last, our solutions have a value that is unmatched.

Our goal is to supply all photographers, from professionals to students, with a high caliber chemistry to heighten your photographic experience and simplify your process without sacrifice. Whether developing black and white negatives or silver gelatin prints, our products are simple and easy to use.

At Sprint Systems of Photography, we understand that art is a process. Most of our concentrates are mixed at a ratio of 1 part + 9 parts water which offers you a hands-on experience that mixes art, science, and a bit of magic.

The Sprint® System

Sprint® B&W chemicals are designed with the intent to be used as a system, however other brands may be used alongside our working solutions.

Almost all concentrates are mixed as 1 part + 9 parts water. In the darkroom printing process, when equal amounts of print developer, stop bath and fixer solutions are prepared and used, the purple indicator in BLOCK Stop Bath signals the simultaneous exhaustion of all three working solutions.

Paul Krot, Founder